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The near term plans for the Distribware and H4v3n projects are as follows:

  1. Finish the functionality of the H4v3n project, which includes all of the Distribware core plus the custom H4v3n functionality built on top of it.
  2. Create new pages for this blog, with full instructions for installing H4v3n plus a matching zip file of scripts and executables to be downloaded.  H4v3n serves two purposes:  a)  it has a lot of useful functionality, sort of like a fully encrypted version of Sharepoint on steroids, and b) it acts as a tutorial to show how to build custom systems on top of the Distribware platform.
  3. Update all of the GitHub code repositories, and convert them to public.  GitHub will only be used for source control.
  4. Create additional pages with instructions for using the test harness along with a downloadable zip file of tests.

Additional posts will document the progress of these steps as they occur.  Once they are all complete, the next goal will be to move all documentation into an instance of H4v3n, along with a web portal to provide access to public content.


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